UltraViolet Cyber is a Pioneer in Unified Security Operations

UltraViolet Cyber is a leading platform enabled unified security operations company providing a comprehensive suite of security operations solutions.

Founded and operated by security practitioners with decades of experience, the UltraViolet Cyber security-as- code platform combines technology innovation and human expertise to make advanced real time cybersecurity accessible for all organizations by eliminating risks of separate red and blue teams. By creating continuously optimized identification, detection and resilience from today’s dynamic threat landscape, UltraViolet Cyber provides both managed and custom-tailored unified security operations solutions to the Fortune 500, Federal Government, and Commercial clients.

UltraViolet Cyber is headquartered in McLean, Virginia with global offices across the U.S. and in India.



Every organization can thrive in the digital world with the power to respond to the most advanced threats.


Deliver the full spectrum of Managed Security Operations capabilities by unifying the best defensive and offensive practices through a security-as-code platform.



We make sure to live with passion and create an environment where our team feels appreciated and valued. We strive for a passionate environment at work and never stop learning.


We are solution oriented to make today better! Use out of the box ideas, technology and solutions to make today better for our clients and our company. We are problem solvers who relentlessly innovate and plan for long-term and scalable solutions to solve the security challenges of today and tomorrow.


We respect differences of opinion and experiences and collaborate in an open sharing environment to establish and maintain trust in your Community.

A Will to Win

We relentlessly strive to win for our Community, win for our clients, and win against the adversary.


We create a Community that fosters inclusiveness, diversity and equity to all.