Get more from your MDR

Led by humans, powered by automation. We do the heavy lifting for you: from deep dive investigations to fast, positive, and consistent outcomes, we’ve got your threat detection & response covered.


Security teams are stretched thin, but hiring additional staff takes time and resources—all while advanced threats continue to target your organization’s data, network, and business.

That’s why increasing security effectiveness and efficiency is critical. Not next quarter, not next year, but today.

UltraViolet Cyber managed detection & response solves the problem with continuous threat protection, empowering teams to regain focus, conserve resources, and drive better outcomes.


Premier quality

UltraViolet Cyber Red Teams validate every escalation, eliminating false positives and optimizing threat protection—it’s all signal, no noise.


Unparalleled speed

Every offensive discovery is converted to detection-as-code, leading to faster Managed Time to Detect (MTTD).


Consistent collaboration

UltraViolet Cyber is a modern SOC—connect our experts with your responder groups via Slack or Teams for real-time engagement and faster Managed Time to Respond (MTTR).


Validated proof

Establish clear metrics and KPIs to gauge progress and understand ROI.


Reduced costs

Don’t let your telemetry needs be held hostage by ingest costs—we deliver unlimited security ingest.

Flexible MDR—say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all approach. Deploy an MDR solution that’s designed to meet you where you are, addressing your needs today and in the future.

Service deliverables

  • Detection-as-code capabilities
  • Direct access to 24/7 support
  • 24/7/365 visibility
  • Active threat hunting
  • Best-in-class, scalable infrastructure
  • Advanced machine learning & behavioral analytics
  • On-prem & cloud log integration
  • Curated threat intelligence
  • Co-managed access for real-time availability
  • Extensive audit compliance for evolving regulations
  • Real-time dashboards and reports
  • Seamless ticket system integration


The only way to detect and respond to today’s most advanced threats is to leverage machine power that augments human intelligence & intuition.


Expert support

Eliminate the need to frantically search for more responders—our team bolsters your team and conserves resources so you can focus on strategic goals.


World-class training

Level up with UltraViolet Cyber’s Cohort program, which provides critical security know-how for your existing IT staff, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring more staff.


Investment consolidation

Maximize your existing security investments and consolidate spend across SIEM, SOC, & Offensive Security.


Stay evergreen

Continuously adding new capabilities to the UltraViolet Cyber platform gives customers an arsenal of top-tier solutions to keep up with the fast-moving security industry.  


No surprises

Fixed cost or predictable user-based modeling gives you the power to accurately forecast your budget.

Red team + blue team = UltraViolet

UltraViolet Cyber validates every blue team defensive escalation with a red team whose pedigree is from the US intelligence community, deploying relentless threat hunters armed with rich security analytics to respond to operation-critical incidents.


Outpace the adversary

Our detection-as-code capabilities arm you to see and stop critical threats in near real-time using over 3K technology-agnostic behavioral detections.


Take the right action

Detect attacks at machine speed & contain them faster with expert analysts.


See how UltraViolet Cyber MDR increases your security effectiveness & efficiency.

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