Vulnerability Management

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face an unprecedented surge in cyber threats and data breaches. Traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer sufficient to safeguard sensitive information and critical assets.


Most organizations fall in the low-to-mid range on the vulnerability maturity scale, averaging 2.5 out of 5. But with continuous scanning, expert vulnerability analysis, and actionable reporting, you’ll not only be more secure, but you’ll be also better informed: UVC clients see a reduction in false positives and more accurate insights.

Outcome-based security
  • Achieve compliance standards
  • Periodic or continuous vulnerability assessment scanning
  • Scan inside containers IoT, OT, web applications, etc.
  • Integrate the UVC platform for asset prioritization
  • Vulnerabilities are tracked and trended over time

A successful program uses the right foundation

Build security strength with building blocks designed to develop an attack-free environment.


Illuminate vulnerabilities & facilitate remediation

Fast, consistent scanning across 100% of your IT infrastructure means vulnerabilities don’t go unnoticed. Automated and custom reports align with your priorities, so you know how, when, and where to take action.


Eliminate the noise

False positives expend valuable resources that could be used elsewhere. Eliminate unnecessary noise. Receive accurate and consistent information based on your program’s desired outcomes. Understand the context and empower security teams to take the right action at the right time.



Proven managed security services that unify expertise, process, and technology to continuously protect your business.


Implementing and managing vulnerability management processes in-house can be time-consuming and resource intensive. UVC VMaaS streamlines the process by doing all the heavy lifting for you, freeing up internal resources and allowing you to focus on core business activities.


Empower security with automation

Streamline processes, collaborate better, eliminate discord, and improve security


Human led; tech enabled

Offensive security ensures you prepare, execute, and prosper today—and in the future.

Service Deliverables

Configure, run, & report on periodic vulnerability scans
Manage & adjust scan schedules, site definitions, and IP ranges
Validate accurate scan definitions and scans completion
Report using automated reporting to identify vulnerabilities and recommendations for remediation
Report executive summary and prioritized actions for remediation
Meet with your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) to review report and track progress

See how UltraViolet Continuous Threat Exposure Management increases your security effectiveness & efficiency.