The only managed security service provider that validates every alert with a world-class Red Team that has origins in the US Intelligence community.


Skills gap in cyber security professionals


Organizations facing moderate risk due to security talent shortage


Organizations affected by successful cybersecurity incident in 2019


Organizations using MDR services by 2024

Managed Detection & Response

Take cyber readiness and resilience to new heights with continuous protection that scales. See and stop advanced attacks faster and reduce your cost of defense by unifying and automating detection, investigation, and response.


Red Team as-a-Service

Supercharge your defenses with continuous real-world attack simulations. Discover new attack vectors and truly test your cyber resilience with advanced threat emulation by the best Red Teams in the business.


Penetration Testing as-a-Service

Understand your imminent risk with continuous penetration testing against your complete environment. Test for vulnerabilities and empower rapid issue resolution across your on-premise, cloud, and infrastructure and applications, without the constraints of point-in-time scans.


Vulnerability Management

Take control of your RISK by validating vulnerabilities across your entire attack surface. Gain complete visibility of risk to your organization with a single view of issues identified, prioritized and remediated.


Security Technology Management

Maximize your investment in security controls. UltraViolet Cyber subject matter experts will manage your leading security technologies so you can focus on YOUR core business.