Fast-Growing Cybersecurity Provider Supports U.S. Government Agencies in Addressing Expanding Threat Exposure Landscape

September 12, 2023

Already fulfilling federal contracts, UltraViolet Cyber brings decades of industry leadership providing unique offensive and defensive security strategies

UltraViolet Cyber, whose unique security-as-code platform unifies offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions, now supports government agencies in achieving their mission to keep the U.S. government's network infrastructure secure through its recently rebranded subsidiary UltraViolet Cyber Federal.

The company already has secured several contracts for services to be provided over the next six years in support of government clients including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

"Federal agencies are on the front line of keeping the country safe from an ever-growing landscape of cyber threats," said George McKenzie, CEO of UltraViolet Cyber. "What makes UltraViolet Cyber Federal unique is that our approach brings together the best in both offensive and defensive security solutions — enabling agency leaders to streamline and unify their approach to security operations."

UltraViolet Cyber Federal rebranded in April amid increased awareness of the need for a more secure digital landscape, including the rollout of the Biden Administration's National Cybersecurity Strategy. With a dedicated leadership team averaging more than 20 years of experience in the federal sector, UltraViolet Cyber Federal is providing federal agencies with the critical cybersecurity capabilities necessary to prevent attacks and quickly adapt to new threats.

"The US government needs cyber support focused on not only confronting mission-critical challenges today, but also laying the foundation for a defense infrastructure that can defend against cyberattacks well into the future," said Michael Brown, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.) and board member for UltraViolet Cyber. "UltraViolet Cyber Federal's first-of-its-kind approach and track record of success position the organization to help federal agencies reimagine their cyber practices and build a stronger and more future-proof security apparatus."

UltraViolet Cyber combined four industry leaders — Metmox, Mosaic451, Stage 2 Security, and W@tchTower — into a comprehensive team of cybersecurity experts with decades of proven excellence in government and private sectors. Stage 2 Security brought extensive experience in the federal sector with agencies including FDIC, USDA, DHS, and the U.S. Department of Education. Mosaic451 and W@tchTower also previously supported DOE and FAA. These agencies and all other federal clients now benefit from the expanded cybersecurity services provided by UltraViolet Cyber Federal.

UltraViolet Cyber Federal is dedicated to securing critical national security networks and systems and helping the U.S. government protect against external attacks. The company's mission is to bring long-term solutions to the country's cyber infrastructure, increasing readiness and resilience with a portfolio of platform-enabled managed security services.