Unified Security Operations, delivered

Take readiness and resilience to new heights by unifying the best defensive and offensive practices with a proven and potent security-as-code platform.

Unified Security Operations

Why you need to re-think your approach to resilience to be ready for the next wave of cyber-attacks.


SOC as a Service
Continuous monitoring through 24x7x365 Security Event Monitoring, Investigation, and Escalation
Managed Detection & Response

Detect, investigate and respond to threats at attack-speed, 24x7x365

Continuous Penetration Testing​

Supercharge your defense with continuous real-world adversary simulation

Penetration Testing

We leverage our experience and unique capabilities to thoroughly test your defenses, while following best practices and meeting compliance requirements 

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)​

Support, manage, validate, and report relevant information from your (or our) vulnerability detection solution so your team can focus on other important tasks.

Dedicated Defense (DD)​
Certified cybersecurity resources as an extension to your team

The Best Defense is Powered by the Best Offense

UltraViolet Cyber unifies the best defensive and offensive practices to continuously optimize your security operations.

Red and blue-team activities are seamlessly integrated, so you can be confident that as critical and imminent risks are uncovered, vulnerabilities are quickly managed and remediated. When your organization comes under advanced attack, you know your defenders have already been put to the test by sophisticated adversary simulations and industry-renowned attack teams.

It all adds up to a proactive and powerful defense, powered by a world-class offense to enable you to continuously increase the cyber readiness and resilience of your organization.


Be Ready with the World Leading Security-as-Code Platform

The UltraViolet Cyber Security-as-Code platform continuously monitors for threats across your complete attack surface, automating investigation and delivering a unified picture of risk to every member of your security operations team.

Advanced attack simulation is built in, ensuring we find vulnerabilities before adversaries do. By aligning data, technology and people to establish best practice SOC processes, you can be sure that every defender will respond consistently and decisively to attacks or new vulnerabilities uncovered.

With the UltraViolet Cyber platform, you can truly unify security operations, empowering your team to protect at machine speed, more efficiently and effectively than ever before.